We welcome you to our home on the Web! We understand that your time is valuable. Thank you for choosing to spend some of your time getting to know us! Custom Timber Log Homes was founded because we weren't happy with what was available on the market. As custom log home builders, we have dealt with many companies over the years. In fact, we have built for over 40 years now!
Do we know our stuff?
During those 40 years, we have worked with most of the major log home companies during some of that time. Before founding Custom Timber, we had always finished a project with the feeling that things could have gone better. From materials that weren't included, to poor customer service, we have been through it all. Together, we felt we could help people find top quality materials at a very affordable price. Even more importantly, we could offer a product which is complete and exactly what we tell you it will be.

Living the Log Home Dream

We are, first and foremost, log home builders in East Tennessee and the surrounding areas. Also, we supply log cabin kits to the US and Canada. Custom Timber started in the industry by building log cabin kits for other companies. We found that these kits / packages would never be what they claimed to be. They wouldn’t include everything you need to build the entire home. This left our customers eating the rest of the cost after paying for a “complete” package. That didn’t sit right with us. So we did something about it!

  • Custom Design is Standard

    You will not find just another cookie-cutter log home company with Custom Timber. Our goal is to help you build the home you have always wanted, not just one we want to sell you. So if you are looking for a log home that is truly you, you have come to the right place.

  • Why Work With Us?

    Let us help you eliminate the hassle by working behind the scenes to make everything streamlined and clear cut. If you are looking for a log home, a log cabin kit, or even a turn-key build, we can tailor our services to fit your needs and ideas.

  • Our Customers Love Us

    We care about each and every one of our homeowners, and our end product reflects precisely that. Clients love our work, and we promise you will too. With the best customer support in the business and top-quality craftsmen at every stage.

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Custom Cabin Builders and Log Cabin Kits

We work with top manufacturers of quality components like Pella Windows, and Thermatron doors. It is also possible to make changes to accommodate your needs and desires. Throughout the process, we will help you decide what to use should you have any questions. Again, we try to make the design and build as simple for you as possible.

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